Frequently Asked Questions

When are seller’s fees charged?
Sellers who have a balance of $2.00 or more will be billed at the beginning of each month. Payment should be made within 2 weeks of receiving the invoice in order to avoid account suspension.

How large can my auction photos be?
You can upload 8 photos on an auction listing that are up to 750 KB each.

Why do I have to post my birthdate when I register?
Part of the registration process asks for a member’s date of birth in order to comply with the Mynotera Terms and Conditions that state a member must be 18 years of age or older.

Where can I find the shipping address for my buyer?
When you sell items on Mynotera, you can find a link to “sold items” on your members area page when you are logged into the site. Here you will find a list of all the items you have sold. Next to the items you will see a link to Message Board where you will find the buyer’s mailing address and you will be able to communicate about the transaction.

How do I make payment on an auction I have won?
When you win an auction, you can go to your Members Area page, and along the left side you will find a navigation link to your “won items”. There you will find a list of all the items you have won. Next to the items, you will find a Direct Payment link. This will guide you to make an online payment. If you want to contact the seller about a purchase, you can open the Message Board link to start communication with the seller about a transaction. If you prefer to send a payment, and the seller accepts checks or money orders, you will find their mailing address on the Message Board.

How do I contact a seller about an item at auction?
In order to contact a seller with any questions you might have, you can scroll down to the “ask seller a question” area of the auction listing page.

Are there any fees to buy on MYNOTERA?
No. There are no costs to register and bid on items on MYNOTERA! Register and bid for free!

What is the official time of the MYNOTERA website?
MYNOTERA�s time is Central Standard Time.

What are the fees to sell on MYNOTERA?
You can find a link for SITE FEES at the bottom of the page. Of course, it is free to register and buy.

How do I sell on MYNOTERA?
Once you register, you can login and either click on the SELL link, or from your MEMBER�S AREA page you can download a bulk lister to set up your auction listings. From your MEMBER�S AREA page, you can also set up PREFILLED FIELDS for auction listings for convenience.

Seller Verification is optional and it is a one time fee of 0.10. This is for seller�s to show they have a valid online payment option; and when a bidder sees the verification check mark after a seller�s name, they will know they have gone through this process.

How long are auctions?
In general, auction duration is one or two weeks. However, sellers have the option of scheduling their auctions for different times for a small fee.

How many pictures can I add to my auction listings?
You can have 8 pictures on your auction listings and they are free.